Publication Ethics

Ethical Publishing

Proskolar gives utmost priority to quality, ethics and values to make the publication process transparent. We cling on to the principles of transparency and finest ethical practices in Proskolar publishing as recommended by the international committees like COPE, DOAJ, OASPA, and WAME.

The reputation of a peer-reviewed journal depends on the standards of articles published and is an essential element in the expansion of a consistent and esteemed network of knowledge. It is a direct indication of the quality of the work of the authors and their institutions.

All the participants involved in the entire publication process abide to safeguard the ethics and values of open access publication. We ensure that authors, reviewers and editors understand the publication ethics so that only high quality articles will be conveyed to the scientific society.

The author has to make sure that the work being submitted for publication is original and it is for the first time only. Reused research materials shall not be accepted for publication.

The reviewer shall provide and maintain high quality standards during the peer review process. Reviewers must be from the same field of research work done by the authors.

The publisher of an open access publication must ensure that the journal/article meets the quality norms and emphasize the significance of the research in the field of the study.


Proskolar is against plagiarism and shall not entertain it at any levels. Plagiarized content will not be considered for publication. Authors are required to state that their work is not a copy of any other published work and their article is not submitted elsewhere. Proskolar scrutinize every submission for the plagiarism misconduct. Any submission containing partially/completely plagiarized content are intimated to author for revision. We anticipate that editors and reviewers will be cautious in their evaluation of article submissions and will report the journal about any plagiarism recognized.

Conflict of Interest

Authors are requested to disclose all sources of institutional, private and corporate monetary support for their study. Authors are also required to disclose any perceived or potential conflict of interest, financial or otherwise from co-authors or any means during article submission to avoid publication delays or rejection of the manuscript.


We are devoted to ensuring the integrity of the peer review process, in accordance with COPE guidelines. We undertake numerous measures to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the authors’ work. Until published all the submitted material should be treated confidential by Editors, peer reviewers and journal staff. It is not ethical to use or disseminate the unpublished work.

Human and Animal Rights

Proskolar journals adhere to high ethical standards concerning human volunteers and animal welfare. Authors submitting the manuscripts involving clinical trials are requested to register the trials registries & hold a clinical trial registration number and name of the trial. Authors have to state that the protocol for the research project has been permitted by a suitably constituted Ethics Committee of the institution within which the work was undertaken and that it conforms to the provisions of the Declaration of Helsinki. The Journal retains the right to reject any manuscript owing to unethical conduct of either human or animal studies. All research on human subjects should include a statement that the subject gave informed consent. Patient anonymity should be conserved.

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