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Special Issues deals with focused research topics in a specific area within the scope of the Journal. Special Issues are the pool of articles under a current topic selected from the latest ongoing research in a particular discipline. The primary aim of the Special Issue is to provide a platform for the researchers to understand the recent developments and challenges in specific areas of research. All those articles published under a special issue focuses on a single topic providing the collective information of various researchers on the proposed topic of special issue. These articles will grant an opportunity to the readers to understand and access the current scientific information.

Special Issues will be dealt by Editors and Guest Editors of similar area of research and the proposals submitted by them should be accompanied by a list of potential contributors.

The following information should be included as part of the proposal:

  • Proposed title for the Special Issue
  • Purpose and current significance of the topic
  • Topics to be covered under topic
  • Guest Editors who can handle articles
  • Potential contributors
  • Tentative timelines for submission and review process

The papers published in the Special Issues will undergo the normal peer-review process to ensure the quality and meet the Journals’ standards.

Role of Editorial Board Members:

  • Review the Special Issue proposals for relevance to current research in the concerned field.
  • Recommend suitable proposals and their Guest Editors along with their biographies.
  • Once a proposal gets accepted by the EB members for a Special Issue, the corresponding Guest Editors will be accountable for
    handling and processing of the Special Issue articles.

Role of Guest Editor(s):

  • Prepare an overview and communicate the significance of the Special Issue topic proposed and its contribution in advancement of the Journal.
  • Recommend potential authors and encourage them to contribute relevant articles for special issue.
  • Suggest a minimum of 3-5 reviewers for the submitted manuscripts.
  • Communicate with potential authors and reviewers regarding author guidelines for manuscript preparation and reviewing.
  • Prepare a timeline and schedule for the release of Special Issue which includes sufficient timeline for manuscript preparation, review process and final submission.

Submission Process:

  • Special issue articles can comprise original, unpublished research articles and reviews related to the specific theme.
  • Manuscripts Submission should be accompanied by a cover letter with reference to the concerned special issue topic.
  • All the articles in Special Issues should firmly abide by journal style and formatting.
  • Each Special Issue will publish 10-15 articles.

All the manuscripts can be submitted through link or can be sent as an email attachment to

Authors are advised to review the author guidelines before submission.

Manuscripts will be accepted for publishing in the Special Issue only after getting approved by the peer review committee [selected by the Guest Editor(s)].

Accepted manuscripts submitted before the deadline will be published within the given timeframe for the respective journal publication.

All special issues will be released under an open access system through Proskolar Journals after acceptance and will be freely available for reading, downloading, and printing.

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