Open access refers to unrestricted access and limitless use of all peer-reviewed research articles published under open access policy thereby accelerating scientific discovery through dissemination of scientific knowledge to the aspiring researchers. Readers can access published material for free, without paying a subscription charge. Proskolar articles are freely available immediately after publication. This means that researchers, students, and interested lay people from anywhere in the world have rapid access to the latest research through Proskolar journals. All Proskolar content is distributed under a Creative Commons open access license.

We finance publication by means of article processing charges (APC), paid by authors and their institutions. APCs cover the cost of managing the peer review process, professional copy-editing, and promotion of published research and Proskolar has no other source of income.

For authors, open access means a potentially wider circle of readers for their research papers, with some research suggesting that open access papers are further highly cited.

At Proskolar, we believe that open access offers value for money for researchers—our income per article is substantially lower than established subscription publishers. We offer a good deal for funding bodies—outcomes can be extensively circulated and no barrier for reading offers transparency to those footing the bill.


Proskolar firmly abide by the publication principles of Creative Commons Attribution License under which all the published data is completely and freely accessible to all the readers.

Submission of a manuscript to our journal entails that the work illustrated has not been published before (except in the form of an abstract or as part of a published lecture, or thesis) and that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

All works published by Proskolar are under terms that replicate the principles of a Creative Commons Attribution License. This authorizes everyone to read, copy, download, distribute, transmit, adapt the content, print, link to the full texts of its articles and utilize them for any other lawful purpose, provided the original work and source is properly cited. The journal allows the author(s) to hold and retain publishing rights without any restrictions.

Article Withdrawal & Retraction:

Retraction of an article entails signing a retraction specifying the error by the author and all co-authors. Authors should state briefly how the conclusions are affected, and submit it for publication. If any co-authors are unwilling and disagree for this, editors may seek advice from independent peer-reviewers and enforce the type of amendment that seems most apt for it.

Articles which are accepted for publication but have not been formally published will be added in “Articles in Press”. These articles may at times contain errors, or are discovered to be inadvertent duplicates of other published article(s), or are determined to violate Proskolar publication ethical guidelines in the view of the editors, may be “Withdrawn” and the content of the article (HTML and PDF) is removed.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Proskolar Publications will act in accordance with its Refund Policy if requests for refunds are made.

Proskolar Publications will, at its discretion, allow for the repay in case an article has not been published within 30 days from the date of payment after the manuscript has received editorial acceptance and complete proofreading by the author in principle. The policy applies only in case the publisher delays the publication.

Proskolar Publications endeavours to publish every open access article on the terms agreed with the authors and without delay. If authors or their institutions are not satisfied with any aspect of the open access publishing service they should contact the journal support team in writing to info@proskolar.org. Every effort will be made to respond to any deficiencies in service without delay. Where service fails to meet our high standards, authors may be offered, on request and at the publisher’s discretion, a refund of part of the Article Processing Charges (APC) or a credit towards future publications.


Article reprint is a copy of an article which is formed from the final PDF of the article. Article reprints from Proskolar offer you a absolute authority and quality of the original publication. We provide a reprint service for those requiring professional quality reproductions of articles. It can be helpful for authors to endorse their published work at conferences, seminars, and other promotional activities. Reprints are produced from the final PDF of the articles.

Reprints at Proskolar are available in the below forms:

Author reprints: Author reprints are completely for the author’s individual, noncommercial use. Every article reprint is available with cover page of the journal.

The front cover of the Author Reprints consists of:
• Publisher logo
• Name/logo of the journal
• Title of article and complete list of authors

Reprint Costs: The price of reprints depends on the number of reprints ordered.
100 Reprints – $300
200 Reprints – $550

**Please note that the charges mentioned above are exclusive of shipping charges, additional handling and shipping charges will be added to your order.

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