Peer review process

Proskolar aim is to grant all authors with an efficient, courteous, and constructive editorial process. To accomplish its quality and integrity the selection of manuscripts for publication is highly judicious.

Our Reviewers play a crucial role in the publication of articles. Peer review is a scrutinizing process where the articles or manuscripts are scrutinized by expert reviewers to assess the technical and scientific merits of the research work who are specialized in the similar field. Every article submitted to any Proskolar Journal is subjected for rigorous peer review prior to get published.

The submitted manuscript will be assigned to one of Proskolar professional editors. If the paper is deemed to be within the scope of the journal with respect to the content and of sufficient quality standard, one of our editorial board members with expertise in the relevant field is then also assigned to the paper.

The professional editor and Academic Editor will promptly review the manuscript and will decide whether it is likely to meet the requirement of novelty of work and assist to the advancements in a particular field. If the manuscript is proved to be satisfactory, it will be sent for external peer review. A final decision is made about acceptance for publication after the article is externally peer reviewed. The time for peer review processing is 14 days. Minimum three Peer review process is obligatory in all our journals in order to maintain the quality of the manuscript.

Once all reviews have been received and considered by the professional and Academic Editors, a decision to the author is informed. If the paper is accepted, it will be published approximately 7 days after acceptance. Proskolar is dedicated to 21 day rapid review process with international peer-review standards.

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